What Other Services Are Offered by Marine Surveyors Baltimore?

The well-known role of marine surveyors Baltimore trusts is to perform a thorough boat inspection. Their role helps understand the exact condition of a used boat and how much its fair market value is. This is, however, not the only service a boat surveyor in Baltimore can offer. In this post, we will be looking at the other services a surveyor can render.

Vessel specifications and evaluations

People buy boats for all manner of reasons. Some will buy a boat for fishing while others will want a boat to help them participate in watersports. If you are new to boats, you may not be able to know what the ideal vessel should have. This is where marine surveyors Baltimore trusts come in. The surveyor will help mitigate the risk of spending money on a boat that will not serve its purpose. A boat inspection will help reveal any missing equipment and if any upgrades are needed for a boat to meet the required specifications.

Marine incident investigations

Following an accident, you will want to know what really went wrong. Your insurer will also need a detailed report before they can compensate you. In this scenario, you can bring on a boat surveyor to perform the role of a marine incident investigator. The surveyor will determine the cause of the accident and give details on the damages.

New build and refit project management

Did you know that you can bring in a marine surveyor to oversee the build of your new boat or a refit? The surveyor can help with the management of your boat’s build from the initial ideas all the way to construction and launch. The surveyor will make sure all your needs are met throughout the construction. They can also ensure the manufacturer adheres to the highest quality standards.

Pre-port state control inspections

Ports have various requirements regarding which vessels can dock. A pre-port inspection is meant to ensure a boat complies with the minimum standards of maritime safety, environmental standards, and seafarer welfare. This inspection is required mostly for cargo ships and other larger vessels.

There are many more services that are offered by a marine surveyor in Baltimore. If you need any service, make sure the surveyor you are about to hire offers it. Keep in mind that not every surveyor will be able to meet all your survey needs. Some specialize in specific areas. Make sure the surveyor you are hiring specializes in the area you are interested in.

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