Boat Inspection Baltimore – How to Choose a Marine Surveyor

When it comes to a boat inspection Baltimore, the most important step is to find the best marine surveyor. There are so many people who claim to be competent surveyors. The truth is most of them lack the skills, experience and resources needed to compile a thorough survey report. There are also no legal requirements for qualifications. If you are searching for the right surveyor to inspect your boat, here are the key considerations you must make.


While it is not a requirement for a boat inspector to be a member of a regulatory body, finding a surveyor who is an active member will give you reassurance. This is because membership regulatory bodies do monitor their members and ensure they adhere to certain standards. Getting a boat inspection Baltimore from a surveyor who is a member of a regulatory body also gives you a chance to get a complaint resolved. For added protection, stick with a marine surveyor who is accredited by a certifying authority.


Having a membership with a regulatory body and being accredited is not enough. A lot can go wrong as a surveyor does their job. To avoid having to pay for their mistakes, make sure that the surveyor you are hiring carries public liability insurance. While not mandatory, having a liability cover will keep you safe in case something goes wrong as the surveyor inspects your boat.

Communication skills

The primary job of a marine surveyor is to help you understand the exact condition your boat is in. The surveyor will not be able to do this if they have poor communication skills. Start by contacting the surveyor and take note of how they answer your questions. You also want to be certain that they are able to explain complex terms in plain English so that you are able to react appropriately. It is also good to ask for samples of their survey reports. This will help assess how detailed their report is and if everything is easy to understand.

Ask the right questions

The questions you ask will determine if you will end up with the best surveyor or not. Some important questions to ask a marine surveyor include the following:

  • What hands-on experience do you have?
  • Do you have any practical training that makes you a better surveyor?
  • Are you part of any regulating body?
  • Do you carry liability insurance and if yes, can I review the insurance certificate?

Don’t simply hire the first marine surveyor that comes your way. Hire someone you have complete confidence in.

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