Marine Surveyors Baltimore – How to Interview a Marine Surveyor

Hiring marine surveyors Baltimore trusts is not something you should rush. This is because of the important role surveyors play. It is only with the input of a competent surveyor that you will understand the exact condition of your boat or the boat you plan on buying. The surveyor will also help you know the true value of a boat. This information is particularly important when planning to buy or sell a used boat. But which questions should you ask when interviewing a marine surveyor?

Their experience with your type of boat

While they might have been in the marine survey business for decades, lacking experience working on your type of boat may lead to an incomplete survey report. There are so many boat builders and models in the world. It is obvious marine surveyors Baltimore trusts have not surveyed every boat model. All in all, you will be at an advantage if you hire a surveyor that has some experience surveying boats that are similar to the one you are targeting. The marine surveyor should not necessarily have experience surveying your exact type of boat but should at least have experience surveying boats that are similar in type and size to yours. For example, if you want to buy a sailboat, make sure the surveyor has some experience surveying sailboats.

Is marine survey their full-time job?

There are so many marine surveyors with very limited boating knowledge. Some are wannabe surveyors who make promises they can’t keep. Others juggle a dozen jobs and boat survey just happens to be one of those jobs. You don’t want to end up with a Jack of all trades, do you? That is why you must make sure boat survey is the primary job of your target surveyor. Specializing in boat surveys means you will get a thorough assessment and a comprehensive survey report.

Ask for a sample survey report

At the end of a marine survey, you will be provided with a survey report. This is the document that includes all the findings made by the surveyor. Asking for a sample survey report will help you understand how thorough a surveyor is. Once you receive the survey report, look beyond the slick format. Take note of how well-written the report is as well as the details that are included. A good survey report will also include descriptions of non-standard features, clear recommendations, and deficiencies. It should also include photos that were taken during the survey. Avoid any surveyor who is reluctant to email you a sample report.

When hiring a marine surveyor in Baltimore, always look beyond their service fees and how fancy they dress. Pay attention to their experience and expertise. All the questions you ask must be geared towards understanding these things.

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