Should I Get a Boat Survey Before Buying in Baltimore?

Buyers frequently miss a number of things due to the excitement of becoming boat owners. This is especially true when purchasing a used boat. Many don’t realize they made a mistake or that they might have had better for the same money until the excitement subsides. In light of this, the answer to the issue of whether should I get a bat survey before buying in Baltimore is a resounding yes.

Finding out that you would need to spend even more money to make a boat seaworthy is the last thing you want after spending top dollar for a vessel. This usually happens when you skip a full inspection. The following are the main reasons why the answer is yes to the question of whether should I get a boat survey before buying.

Fuel Tanks

After a certain number of years, fuel tanks located beneath the deck are likely to require major repairs or even replacements. You will need a qualified boat surveyor to evaluate them because they might be concealed. The gasoline tank of an older vessel will most likely need to be replaced. This is especially true if the tank has saltwater leaks or if it once housed gasoline that was ethanol-laced. Needless to say, fuel tank replacements can be pricey. If a replacement is necessary, you must find out about it in advance so that you take the cost into account when negotiating with the seller.

Plastic Through-Hull Drains

You should be aware that the through-hull drains made of plastic that are above the waterline are susceptible to UV deterioration. These fittings can become brittle and shatter easily after years of exposure to the scorching sun. If they fail, the light will start to leak through the hull’s holes. You won’t be able to determine whether these pieces need to be changed unless you learn about the history of the boat, including how it was used and where it was stored. You can determine the state of the plastic through-hull fittings and if they require replacement with the assistance of a qualified marine surveyor.

Steering System

Digital electric steering systems are common on modern boats. But, whether the boat you choose has an electronic steering system or a more traditional system, you must ensure that it is in good working order. Otherwise, sailing will expose you to significant risks. The condition of the steering system can be determined by a boat survey, especially during a sea trial.

The points mentioned above are just a few of the main reasons you need a boat inspection. Remember that this is not an exhaustive list. There are many more things that mandate a boat inspection. You won’t be able to see problems or bargain for the best price without a complete marine survey.

Should I Get a Boat Survey Before Buying